Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guess What I'm Thinking Of

I have something special today. I am going to show you some pictures and I want you to tell me what it is I am thinking about...

Please study these pictures carefully......

Do you think:

A. Do you think I want to have a sleepover with my friends?


B. Do you think I want to go to bed?


C. Do you think I'm thinking about Peridot sleeping because she just took a bath


D. Or do you think am I thinking of having to get up early tomorrow morning and getting lots of school work done.

OK. Choose carefully.

A B C or D

Scroll down....

Scroll down some more...

Scroll down even more....

Do you know what the answer is?

I'm so tired I'm about ready to fall asleep standing up.



Monday, February 25, 2008

One of Those Days

Ever feel like everyone else is getting all of the attention and you're just being walked all over?

Well I guess this bird and I have something in common today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is My Sister Crazy for Dressing Up Her Cat?

My sister is CRAZY!

Who puts a dress on a cat????

I thought she was bad when she was in her Martha Stewart mode, but I was wrong. She is even worse in her obsessive animal mothering mode.

Esther has to be the most humiliated cat in the entire history of for-everness.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



This is my favorite non-human in the world.


To see how we got Peridot, go see my mom's blog.

I've had Peridot for about 2 years. She is turning 3 this year on August 11th. She has 2 sisters and a brother. Peridot is the biggest cat of all of them.

Peridot has her good days and her bad days. On her good days she'll nearly trip you trying to get you to pet her. On her bad days she'll try to claw out your eyes if you get too close.

One morning I woke up and Peridot was lying on my face. I was sneezing for the rest of the day.

I'm not supposed to have her in my room because i'm allergic to her, but sometimes I sneak her in anyway.

Her brother is her twin. They are only two from the litter who had long hair And her brother is the only one we gave away. His name, when he was born, was Gems, then it was One-Eyed Jack because for a long time he only had one eye open.

Her mother's name is Diamond. Who can be nice sometimes, but usually she just plays outside. Her Grandmother is MooMoo who is crazy. Her sister Ruby prefers to stay in my sister's room and sleep in the cat tower. Opal is an energetic cat and it's hard to get her to stay still to pet her. Peridot's adopted sister is Esther. If you want to learn more about her go to my sister's blog.

Yep. Peridot's the best cat in the world.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Martha Stewart Madness


These are 3 of my sisters, Sophie, A1, and A3.

I have a nickname for them...

"The Martha Stewart Sisters"

Look at those pajamas.

My little sister can't go for two days without rearranging or making some decoration or craft.

My older sisters' houses are always decorated for every holiday. Even St. Patrick's Day. Probably even "Toe-Jam Day".

I'm a pack-rat, but my younger sister is a "sale-mouse." She will sale anything and everything. Well some things. You get my point.

Drives me crazy. Are there support groups for brothers of Marthas?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daniel's Daring Dash

This is my nephew Daniel. He is 1 1/2 years old, and today I will be telling the story of one of his great adventures.

This is a picture of me teaching him how to sword fight.

One day when we were at Daniel's house playing in the front yard, we turned our backs on him for 2 seconds. When we turned back around, he had ran across the street to play with the neighbor's sprinkler.

Then he went back into the middle of the street walking in circles right when a car was coming.

Brave Sophie, my sister, came and grabbed him, and took him right back home. From then on we kept a closer eye on Daniel.

Join me tomorrow for another story.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi. I'm Sam

Welcome to my blog.....

This post is for first time readers, and since this is my first post, you are all first time readers...

My name is Sam and I'm twelve years old.

Welcome to my world. A world full of bugs and creatures. I love bugs and all things with more than 2 legs.

This is me and my little brother....

I have lots and lots of pets which you'll meet in my upcoming posts.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back again real soon for a story about my nephew.