Monday, March 3, 2008

A Book Report My Mom Made Me Do

is a book about mystical creatures and fairies.

The main characters are Jarred who is quick to get mad, Simon an animal lover, Mallory who loves to fence, Thimbletack a naughty brownie, Byron a fierce griffin, Mrs. Grace the mother of Jarred, Simon and Mallory, and Morgurath an evil ogre who dreams to steal the field guide, a book that has all the secrets of mythical creatures and of fairies written on its pages and is in the possession of Jarred.

In this story 13year old Mallory is kidnapped by dwarves, 9 year old twins Jarred and Simon try to rescue her and end up getting captured themselves. But thanks to: trickery, luck, Jarred’s knowledge of fairies, Simon’s love of pets, even robot ones, and a caveknockers help, they are able to escape unscathed but they soon discover that Morgurath has stolen the field guide and kidnapped their mother.

What happens next? What happens before this? All excellent questions and all can be answered by reading the other books in the Spiderwick Chronicles. I hope you will read and enjoy the Spiderwick Chronicles as much as I have.



Kathy said...

Nice book report, Sam. Have you read the books before and after this one? Did you see the movie? I hope your enjoyed the book.
Aunt Kathy

Carol said...

What a good book report. Maybe I should read this book?

Your gardening aunt.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Good job, honey. Love the spell check feature!

Now, on to the next book!

(Hear the sound of the whip cracking?)


Princess of Painting said...

I loved the movie. The cover art on the book looks cool. Can't wait tho read them with Ru.