Friday, March 14, 2008


OH NO! How traumatic!
Victoria somehow managed to get duct tape on her neck.

We'll have to do surgery!

We're going to need help. We had better call in our older sister A2.

We finally manged to get it off.

Dad isn't going to be happy about his duct tape!

Our hero! Thanks A2!


Carol said...

Hmmm... now how did THAT happen? Hmmm...

Way to go A2!

Eleanor said...

Sam, you didn't mention we also called the new next door neighbor (he hasn't completely moved in yet). He came running with his sharper xacto knives & helped hold a squirming puppy. Welcome to the zoo, Jim. (What an introduction to the neighborhood). All's well, & now we know not to put puppy's head in anything (it truly was an accident).

LukeR said...

See Sophie's blog for this comment.

Luke A.

Sherry at the Zoo said...


I'm glad it all turned out ok. AND we learned a lesson didn't we? Dogs should not wear crowns of duct tape, should they? (Only crowns of gold!)


Kathy said...

That was very funny, but probably not at the time. How on earth did that get around her neck?
Aunt Kathy

Hannah-Indiana said...

Silly Puppy! They can be mischevious can't they?