Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look What I found?

Look at what I found in our condo! Isn't it cool? A Beetle!

But THIS is WAY better!

A giant horseshoe crab!

The beetle's backThe horseshoe crab's back

The beetle's stomach...The horseshoe crab's stomach...

This is how big the beetle is. It's laying next to my pinkie.

This is how big the horseshoe crab is.....

I'm lying next to it and I'm 5 foot 1 inch. Which one do you think is better?

Mom? Which one can I take home?


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Uh...if you really want to take one home, I guess you can take the beetle home. It can bunk in with Darkness. You do realize however that it is dead...right?


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Don't take one home. They're both dead anyway. I like the toy for Victoria better.


Eleanor said...

Beetles, you can find here (maybe not the same kind) but I've never seen a horseshoe crab. I still don't think you should bring it home. Have a good time hunting, though & if you see another octipus in a shell, try t o take its picture
Have a good time. Love you, Grandma

Carol said...

The horseshoe crab's stomach is gross looking!

Sounds, though, like you are having a good time.

Kathy said...

Maybe you can find a nice crab or seagull to bring home. Looks like you are having a very good time scavaging.
Aunt Kathy

Hannah-Indiana said...

Ugg, both of those animals are really GROSS! Don't take either of them home, for goodness sakes!

Luke A. said...

SAM, IF YOU DONT POST THIS MONTH I'M GONNA SUE YOU FOR -$100,000. Now your gonna not wanna blog ever again, right! :)

Luke A.